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KW did it again. My twitter blew up & they wouldn’t let me live it down at our Escandalo party last night.
Wrote this in July. Forever true. 1 Corinthians 13:5

"Mastery requires endurance. Mastery, a word we don’t use often, is not the equivalent of what we might consider its cognate — perfectionism — an inhuman aim motivated by a concern with how others view us. Mastery is also not the same as success — an event-based victory based on a peak point, a punctuated moment in time. Mastery is not merely a commitment to a goal, but to a curved-line, constant pursuit."

- Sarah Lewis (via blackcontemporaryart)

(via blackcontemporaryart)

My bestie, KW tweeted me again & my twitter is STILL blowing up.

Artists I REALLY Want To See Live.




Janet Jackson (the way y’all feel about Beyoncé is the way I feel about Janet. Sue me.)


Janelle Monae

Lalah Hathaway

Rachelle Ferrell

Robin Thicke

Jill Scott


Toni Braxton

Norah Jones


This is MY list. You don’t have to agree. But these are who I must see for what I grew up listening to and what I love now!

dont forget about renee! LOL

I’ve knocked off six of those artists in your list. U have impeccable taste.

Knocked 2 off in 2013. Will be seeing Lalah Hathaway next month!!


Has #naturalhair taken over the #sxsw conference? We are seeing so many gorgeous heads of hair. This beautiful mane belongs to Kennetta (@piperkennetta) of Austin. #ebonysxsw #sxsw

My cousin!
I posted this months ago —-> “But one day I think she will casually be seen being cute with Nmandi (or on a red carpet) & you ALL will DEAL.” 

And I totally called it! Look at them being the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. Nnamdi is fine as je ne sais quoi!
Kenny Vaccaro & I at my birthday dinner last nite #Saints #happybirthday #funtimes #25 (at Saint Genevieve)

#HAPPYBIRTHDAYTOME “Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude” | SO FULL OF LOVE, JOY AND GRATITUDE EVERYDAY, ESPECIALLY TODAY! I’m 25! #blessed #birthday #life

Today would have been Trayvon Martin’s 19th birthday. Please remember him. A young life gone too soon with justice unserved. Despite the fact that his killer is now trying to make a profit from this and is being labeled a “celebrity”, let us not forget Trayvon’s struggle and memory through all of this. Despite how the media tried to portray him.. Remember him. We must resolve to fight injustice with awareness, action and love. 

Prayers & thoughts for his family.
"I got it bad and that ain’t good…" - Ella Fitzgerald.


14 incredible facts about Michelle Obama on her 50th birthday

Happy Birthday First Lady! We bet you didn’t know all this about her.

See the rest.

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Because. Yes.

Today is all about you, FIRST LADY.

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Wishing a happy birthday to the fiercest FLOTUS ever!


Happy 50th Birthday to the best “mom dancer”, Mom-in-Chief, and First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama!  

All hail!

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Kerry Washington and Rashida Jones at the Golden Globes.

I real life GASPED when I saw this. Two of my favorite humans in this life.

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